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KATMANDU, December 4: Former President Ram Varan Yadav said the government should seek to create an environment for the implementation of the dreams and vision of young people to make the country’s economy thrive. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the International Federation of Young Nepalese Entrepreneurs (FINYE) on Friday, Dr Yadav expressed confidence in the organization to play a supporting role in the development of young entrepreneurs by providing knowledge, foreign skills and technologies.

Former President Yadav also mentioned that Nepal is an attractive destination for global tourism due to its unique natural beauty and geographic diversity and that the organization should also play a role in attracting foreign tourists to the country.

Yadav also pointed out that the country’s political system has not improved and good governance has not been promoted even though the country has reached its current state after more than 70 years of struggling for political stability through the panchayat, democracy and the republican struggle.

Moreover, expressing his concerns about the deforestation of the Terai forests and excavations in the Chure region in the name of development, Yadav stressed the need to protect the environment to control the risk of climate change.

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