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For the Council of State, political science is not a difficult subject to master. Students need not fear this subject as it has immense value and can provide them with a better score, provided they study in detail. Political science is not only a subject but also a concept that combines the heritage, knowledge and culture of the world.
While appearing for a political science paper, it is important to attempt it in its entirety. The updated curriculum covers the world since 1991, which should be well understood by students.
The assignment will include 20 point objective questions which are mandatory. Students should be prepared with the world map and revise it well before the exam. Out of all the chapters, two of them i.e. Humanitarian Issues and India and the World carry immense weight so make sure you prepare for it with full concentration.
In addition, students should also be familiar with the United Nations organizations, their institution, and the number of UN countries. The manual includes several tables that should be learned well. “Good governance” is yet another important chapter.
Students must also answer “Personal Opinions” questions in an unbiased manner. Be generic in your answers and try to cover all points while trying, as this will increase the chances of scoring better.
Be sure to note the time and stay calm while solving the paper. On the sidelines, sleep well and have a healthy breakfast before heading to their exam room.
(The author is a lecturer in political science at Hislop College)
Paper Snapshot
· Subject | Political science
· Advice | Council of State, Std XII (HSC)
· Total theory marks | 80
· Duration | 3 hours
Last minute review tips
Carefully revise the world map
Be prepared with UN organizations and their establishments
Learn the tables correctly
Answer personal opinion questions impartially

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