First Public Policy Conference Begins: Minister Stresses Need for Political Stability and Policy Continuity – Pakistan


LAHORE: Federal Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal has stressed the need for political stability and policy continuity for the country’s long-term progress.

The Minister said this during his address at the inaugural session of the “Inaugural Public Policy Conference 2022” here at the National School of Public Policy on Monday.

Ahsan maintained that Pakistan has all the resources and capabilities to become one of the best economies, but political shocks and political instability have always seriously hampered the progress of the country.

He also stressed the need to find innovative ways for wealth creation, justified distribution of wealth and making Pakistan a globally competitive economy.

He said the nation should promote three things: education, enterprise and exports. He added that the country had suffered huge losses due to recent floods and torrential rains across the country, but the Pakistani economy was able to emerge from the crisis. During the two-day conference, researchers will present research papers at the Social Policy Financing Conference.

The rector of the National School of Public Policy, Dr. Ijaz Munir, said the conference will present its recommendations in the formulation of the government’s social policy.

He said the aim of the conference is to provide suggestions on reducing the waste of resources after a critical review of government initiatives and to help policy makers increase the efficiency of public sector spending. Dr. Ijaz said the discussion on effective social security and financial assistance mechanism for children, disabled and elderly is the focus of the conference.

He said the effectiveness of the state-funded Sehat Sahulat insurance program will also be assessed, while the aim of the conference is to develop a local social policy index for Pakistan in light of international experiences.

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