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Check the following questions listed below from CBSE class 12 political science syllabus. The exam is scheduled to take place on May 24, 2022. Solve the following questions for last minute review.

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CBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Questionnaire

The CBSE Class 12 Political Science Semester 2 exam will take place on May 24, 2022. Class 12 students due to attend the exam tomorrow can solve these last-minute practice questions from Jagran experts Josh to get better grades in their class. 12 CBSE Semester 2 Political Science Exam.

Check the schedule below, then proceed to troubleshooting.

CBSE Class 12 Political Science: Program

  1. New centers of power
  2. South Asia and the globalization of the contemporary world
  3. Part B: Politics in India since Independence
  4. Parties and party systems in India
  5. Democratic resurgence
  6. Indian politics: trends and developments


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CBSE Class 12 Political Science Questionnaire by Experts

  1. What is the full form of “SAARC”?
  2. Who controls the northeast of Sri Lanka?
  3. What mediation resolved the “Indus waters dispute” between India and Pakistan?
  4. Analyze the two political developments of the 1940s that led to the decision to create Pakistan.
  5. Explain two points of conflict between India and Bangladesh.
  6. Explain any two reasons for the popular struggle in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) against West Pakistan in 1971.
  7. In the flag of the European Union, what does the symbol of “twelve gold stars in a circle” mean?
  8. What is the meaning of Panchsheel?
  9. Describe India’s relationship with China from independence to 1962.
  10. Mention four significant changes in Indochinese relations that took place after the Cold War.
  11. In the first three general elections, Congress won more seats than any other party. Which party was number two in these elections?
  12. Who was the founder of Bhartiya Jana Sangh?
  13. When and where was the first non-Congress state government formed after India’s independence?
  14. Bhartiya Jana Sangh emphasized which two main ideas?
  15. How did the Congress Party’s dominance in the first three general elections help establish a democratic configuration in India?
  16. What is meant by “one-party rule in the Indian context”?
  17. List two differences between the socialist and communist parties.
  18. What characteristics made Congress an ideological coalition during India’s liberation movement?
  19. What is the ‘Shah Commission of Inquiry? How did the government react to it?
  20. Explain the reasons for the student movement of 1974 in Bihar and the role played by Jai Prakash Narayan in this movement.
  21. Assess the consequences of the declaration of emergency in 1975.
  22. What do you think were the reasons for the declaration of emergency in 1975? Consider two reasons.
  23. Why is the “emergency” and the period surrounding it known as the period of a constitutional crisis? To explain.
  24. What was Ayodhya’s dispute?
  25. Highlight two effects of the 1989 election on Indian politics.
  26. Political equations in coalition governments are unstable. How was this concept reflected in the formation of the National Front government in 1989 and the United Front government in 1996?
  27. Give two arguments for the reservation of SCs, STs and OBCs in tertiary institutions in India.
  28. What was the main reason for the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat in 2002?
  29. What is meant by “coalition”? During what period did this type of government first gain popularity in central India.
  30. What is Alliance Policy? How did he influence Indian politics?

Solve these questions to get better grades in the CBSE Class 12 Politics Semester 2 Exam 2022 which will be held on May 24, 2022.

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