Donald Trump is a ‘master gaslighter’: Political science professor analyzes January 6 congressional hearing


A political science professor described Thursday’s public hearing on the Jan. 6 Capitol uprising as spotlighting the former president that of Donald Trump “manipulative methods” and his “dereliction of duty,” Business Insider reported. The House Select Committee had a prime-time hearing on Thursday before the August recess break.

Over the past month and a half, lawmakers have presented evidence against Trump to claim he played a role in the violent protest.

The main point raised by the committee so far has little to do with Trump’s actions, but with his state of mind, according to the report, citing Matthew Schmidt, professor of political science at the University of New Haven.

“My big takeaway is that Donald Trump is able to do what he does because he’s a gas lighter,” Schmidt reportedly said. “Trump is a master gas lighter.”

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse, in which a person or group causes someone to question their own sanity, memories, or perception of reality. The term has its roots in the 1944 film “Gaslight” in which a husband manipulates a wife into thinking she has a mental illness.

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Among Trump’s omissions is his refusal to call his supporters for hours even after the chaos, and his omission during and after the riot is his “own form of gaslighting”, he said. added.

Schmidt also referenced Trump’s tweet amid the uprising, calling on his supporters to stay peaceful, as a form of gaslighting. That could mean either stopping the attacks or continuing while remaining peaceful, the professor explained.

Schmidt called Trump’s pre-riot tweets inviting his supporters to DC to protest the election results, and his “Stop the Steal” rally speech as examples of dog whistling. Dog whistling is coded or suggestive language in political messages to gain support provoking opposition.

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