Direct democracy: Musk said what the political system on Mars should be


SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes that the first colonies on Mars can be managed in the same way as the first colonies on the American continent – direct democracy. The initiator of & # 171; Martian & # 187; SpaceX will schedule Tuesday, Dec. 28, said in an interview with scientist and blogger Lex Friedman. According to Musk, Representative Democracy, when laws are passed by representatives elected by the people, the first small settlements are not necessary, and he himself would have proposed & # 171; natural government & # 187 ;.

& # 171; The people themselves will be able to vote for the adoption of the laws & # 187; Musk said, adding that the laws should be simple and easy to understand.

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Previously, it had been reported that huge reserves of ice had been discovered on Mars. It is in stable condition, indicating the unique climatic and geological conditions of the Mariner Valleys.

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  • Title: Direct Democracy: Musk Said What The Mars Political System Should Be
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