Devendar Singh Tomar: Establishing an Ideal Political System Under the BJP Ideology



“Before being a leader, success is about growing. When you become a leader, success is about making others grow ”.

Living today in a democratic country, we choose our leaders through the election process. Every citizen wants to choose the strongest leader to represent the nation. A strong leader does not mean that he will be indifferent to the ideas of others, that he will not listen to the voice of the citizens. Rather, it is the one who speaks to experts, bureaucrats and even ordinary citizens before making a decision and their decision is always in favor of the development of the nation. Devendr Singh Tomar, Indian politician and active member of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).

He was born on July 11, 1962 in the village of Thara Nawali, Ambha, Morena Madhya Pradesh. Her father, the late Shri Hakim Singh Tomar, was a government official (Deputy Director of the District Employment Office), as well as a social worker and a writer. Devendar Singh Tomar obtained his father’s trait of “social service” and he decided to enter politics with the motive of “Jan Seva”. He is a civil engineer and currently a member of the BJP.

Devendar Singh Tomar was elected Councilor of Ward No.7 in the election of Gwalior Municipal Company, Madhya Pradesh for the first time in 1999 and he was later appointed Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Gwalior Municipal Company ( MP) until 2004. He was also a former participant of CBN International.

Devendar Singh Tomar is constantly working for the development of Gwalior. In recent years, it has provided many facilities to the people in terms of healthcare, infrastructure development and it has also worked with government ideology to make Gwalior the smart city plan.

During the time of Covid, like other politicians and people, he also stepped forward to help those in need and people in remote areas. Devendar Singh Tomar has the attributes of a good politician: he possesses a quality of leadership, to lead the citizens and to work in accordance with their advantage. He is one of the trusted leaders, whose motive is to serve society. Trust and respect cannot be bought, they are earned over time. Devendar Singh Tomar is a respected member of BJP and his actions and thoughts have also earned him respect in society. As a ministerial candidate, he knows our system, our constitution and our laws, he has enough knowledge to guide society towards development.

Politics in India operates within the framework of the country’s constitution. India has had a large number of political parties in history. Who have leaders and other members how to play an active role in promoting the ideology of this party. Even after opposing each other, the only motive of all parties is to ensure the development of the economy and citizens of the country.

India today needs leaders who work with a motivation that precedes the development of the country rather than their own. Because politicians are the backbone of the country and only a real politician can “translate the vision into reality”.

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