Danilo Turk: “Inflation threatens the political stability of Europe”



Former Slovenian President Danilo Turk said the energy crisis in Europe will soon have political effects as more and more people face rising bills.

While raising concerns about inflation in the region, Turk said many were in a “vulnerable situation” due to inflation in energy markets.

He told CGTN The Agenda with Stephen Cole“We have seen volatility in the energy markets which has driven energy prices sky high and will have an impact in the months to come, especially as winter approaches.”

Turk says he also fears that Europe’s social stability will suffer as the cost of living crisis develops.

He continued: “And then I’m sure the issue of social cohesion will also become much more serious in Europe because, let’s not forget, there are a number of people in Europe who don’t have, you know, a solid economic base to manage such a situation.

“People who are living hand-to-mouth. They’re not very visibly, you know, poor, but they’re still there in a very vulnerable situation. And that’s likely to have an impact in the months to come.”

Turk also predicts that the conflict is unlikely to end soon, saying, “At this time, it is difficult to see how the conflict will end as both sides have declared their commitment to what they see as victory.

“So, you know, we are seeing a war of attrition. We will see when the parties to the conflict get tired of the conflict and start looking for a negotiated solution for sure,” he added.

Seeking a way to end the conflict, Turk applauded China’s past resolution strategies. “I would like to highlight in particular the proposal that was made at the beginning of the conflict, on March 7, by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, which gave a very comprehensive formula for dealing with the conflict.

“Not only a ceasefire, but also a review of Europe’s security architecture. And I think that continues to be valid – and in some ways again expressed by the most Italian proposal recent.”

In offering his own solutions, Turk noted that the UN secretary-general could play a key role.

He said: “I think it would be useful to set up an international group, perhaps a group of friends of the UN Secretary General who could then, when the time comes, produce proposals which can lead not only at the end of the war, but also to find out how to solve the political problems as well.”

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