Creating a New Political Economy Framework: Where Do We Go Now?



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This is episode 21 of the CASBS webcast series Social Science for a World in Crisis. Learn more about the series and see previous episodes here.

Debra Satz, Dean of the School of Humanities, Stanford

Elizabeth Anderson, University of Michigan
Samuel Bowles, Santa Fe Institute
Sir Angus Deaton, Princeton University.
Amy Kapczynski, Yale University.

In the wake of a widespread feeling that neoclassical economic models have failed us, we have the opportunity to improve the explanatory and normative dimensions of economics by incorporating ideas from other disciplines. For example, consider that integrating findings from psychology and behavioral science can improve the predictive power of economic models. Or consider that incorporating ethical values ​​into our economic framework can broaden our scope beyond fungible individual goods like income and wealth to encompass concerns like dignity and the nature of our relationships.

Join Elizabeth Anderson, Samuel Bowles, Sir Angus Deaton and Amy Kapczynski in conversation with Debra Satz as they explore and interrogate the values ​​economists should consider if we are to move towards a more just, equitable and sustainable political economic framework.

Partner organizations of the episode: Curriculum Open-access Resources in Economics (CORE), the IFS Deaton Reviewthe McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford University and the William + Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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