Collins wins American Political Science Association’s Best Book Award


Paul Collins, professor of legal studies and political science, received the Richard E. Neustadt 2021 Book Award from the Presidents and Executive Politics section of the American Political Science Association for the best book on executive policy.


Paul Collins

Collins’ book, “The President and the Supreme Court: Going Public on Judicial Decisions from Washington to Trump,” was co-authored with Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha and published by Cambridge University Press.

The book examines the conflicts that develop between the president and the Supreme Court, particularly when presidents take a stand on pending court decisions or criticize court rulings in their public rhetoric. Critics of these actions argue that in doing so, presidents are acting like tyrants and violating the standard of judicial independence. In contrast to this, the book shows presidents discuss cases to promote their re-election, political goals, and historical legacy, while also trying to shape the impact of court rulings on bureaucracy, Congress, the media and the public. I

In receiving the award, the selection committee noted that “the president and the Supreme Court represent an excellent example of the application of modern social science to a classic question of presidential politics.”

“It truly is an incredible honor to be recognized for our work,” said Collins. “Since this topic remains very important – as seen by President Biden’s very recent public criticism of the court for its ruling on the Texas abortion ban – we hope our book will help people. to better understand that conflicts between the President and the Supreme Court have long been part of our constitutional system and may, in fact, be good for a democracy. ”

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