Chairman for Political Stability, Interim Government – Minister


MMedia Minister Dr. Nalaka Godahewa said yesterday that political stability is the most important factor in overcoming any economic crisis plaguing a country.

While stressing the importance of restoring political stability in Sri Lanka to overcome the current economic crisis, Minister Godahewa said the President agreed to support an interim government or any other political solution to ensure political stability.

He was responding to a reporter’s question regarding the idea of ​​a caretaker government at a press conference held at the government’s Department of Information yesterday. Dr Godahewa said the President was not taking a firm stance at the moment and that he had a principled policy regarding the economic crisis and he would not oppose if there was an agreement in Parliament to change the government.

The Minister added that as a country with the oldest democratic structure in Asia, it is important for Sri Lanka at this stage to protect parliamentary democracy and act in accordance with the Constitution and that the solution lies in the Parliament and that everyone, including the people’s representatives, should work towards this end.

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