Canadian Party Leader Criticizes Political System, Says West Will No Longer Be Neglected


TORONTO (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – August 8, 2021) Acting leader of the Maverick Party of Canada, Jay Hill, warned the country’s political landscape, telling party members that Western Canada will no longer be held for granted and that only his party will defend the interests of the region at the federal level.

The Maverick Party – formed in January 2020 following a restructuring of the WEXIT Party, which has advocated secession from Western Canada – held its inaugural party convention on Saturday.

Party officials and affiliates described their vision for a renewed relationship with Ottawa, after years of perceived affronts from the central federal that left the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan feeling estranged from the rest. from the country.


In a 25-minute speech, Hill, who represented the riding of Prince George-Peace River in British Columbia for 17 years, rallied around the Canadian political establishment and voters in the central provinces of Canada. that are Ontario and Quebec by arguing that the party represents Western Canadians. ‘only option for appropriate representation at federal level.

“We are gathered here today because, as Westerners, we are fed up with a Canada that does not work for all Canadians, especially Western Canadians,” Hill told members of the his side.

The interim leader noted that all parties favor the dominant political thought in central Canada, ignoring the priorities of voters in the West. Hill has targeted in particular the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), which holds all but one seat in Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as its leader Erin O’Toole.

“Before the Maverick Party, there was not a single federal party defending the West … no, not even Mr. O’Toole and the Conservative Party of Canada,” the interim leader told About the CCP, which has been accused by other parties and critics of excessively promoting the interests of Western Canada.

Hill pointed out that the Conservatives, like other parties, want power and therefore inevitably turn their attention to Ontario and Quebec, which have 199 of the 338 total seats in the House of Commons.

The leader of the Maverick Party stressed that continuing to vote for the Conservatives with the expectation of adequate representation from the party is “madness”, although he allays fears of a possible split. , pointing out that the party would not field candidates in competing ridings, where the possibility of electing a Liberal or a New Democrat exists.

Hill also appeared to challenge attitudes toward Western Canada among Canadians residing in the central part of the country.

“This tells you something about voters in central Canada that when the Prime Minister puts their fellow West down, they like him better for it,” the leader said, commenting on the Prime Minister’s alleged bias. Justin Trudeau against the region.

Further, the interim leader highlighted a long-held view that Western Canada is responsible for the country’s economic prosperity, noting that compatriots in central regions do not understand the “fact” that Canada is a “country”. of the Third World ”without the West. . The Maverick Party is committed to reworking the system, which transfers funds between provinces with monetary imbalances.

The party would not repeat a historic “mistake” by pursuing a national presence, Hill stressed, referring to the roots of his former Reform Party in Western Canada, but which ultimately pursued a national agenda and disbanded in 2000. , with its remnants later merging them with Progressive Conservatives to form the CCP.


While the party’s roots lie in the secessionist WEXIT movement, the party is currently pursuing a perfected strategy in central Canada, namely Quebec.

Canada and Quebec have enjoyed unstable relations since the country’s confederation in 1867. The predominantly French-speaking province, which places the greatest importance on the preservation of its French culture and heritage, has undertaken several efforts in the past to establish itself. separate from the federation, in particular by organizing referendums on independence in 1980 and 1995.

However, in recent decades, the province has focused on creating its own identity in Canada, with Quebec having recently decided to unilaterally amend the Canadian constitution – defining Quebec as a nation with French as its official language – and thus reinforcing French language requirements. for businesses, government institutions and schools.

Hill says it’s a plan the Maverick Party can use.

“The first step is to learn from Quebec. They wrote the book on relations with Ottawa,” said the former House leader. “For nearly 30 years, Quebec has been sending [Members of Parliament] Members of Parliament in Ottawa who represent Quebeckers – we must do the same. “

However, this strategic approach does not mean that the Mavericks have completely abandoned their secessionist roots.

“Independence has to be an option,” Hill said, again referring to Quebec’s historic separatist push. “Not necessarily independence, but independence when necessary.”

The west-facing party pursues a two-pronged approach, where the party, on the one hand, will pursue constitutional reform and better representation in Ottawa while simultaneously seeking to create an independent nation in Western Canada. The approach has been reflected in the party constitution, which is being voted on by party members.

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