Can Incfile Really Help You Start A New LLC For Free


File fees for form an LLC range from less than $ 100 to several hundred dollars depending on the state. And that’s just the beginning. Then there’s the paperwork and legal fees that add up. And a host of other ongoing requirements. Always, Statistics point out that thousands of people start businesses every year. Cutting costs is always a priority for startups and more established SMEs that want to take the plunge.

It’s there that Incfile Between. and Free LLC Services LLC is a US document filing service focused on the formation of business entities. They offer LLC training, registered agent, compliance and startup services all in one place. All for $ 0 plus state fees to get started.

Small Business Trends reached out to Dustin Ray, who leads business development and growth initiatives at Incfile, to explain how this service works.

The company has a team of experts

“Incfile removes the barriers to starting a business,” he says. “We are using technology to streamline the process and have formed a team of experts. It’s easier than ever to start and turn a great idea into a healthy business.

Here is how it works. There are three stages. First, find the right entity for your business from the drop-down menu. You select your state in the same way.

“Second, you choose the plan that best suits your business needs,” says Ray. “There are three options available. “

All submitted documents are saved in digital format. This is another way for this service to relieve you of incorporation anxiety.

“Finally, you tell us about your business. By completing online order forms and providing information about your business, we can recommend the services that are best for you.

Helping small business owners

To date, they have helped over 250,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners.

You get an agent registered with Incfile. Sorting by incorporation can be confusing and overwhelming. This company offers agent service nationwide. They serve as a legal buffer in case your LLC needs it. Annual reports and corporate income tax returns are other services offered.

The company classifies all your items with the state in which your company is located. Once returned, they are made available online.

Other advantages

One of the other benefits here is being able to get a variety of digital services under one roof.

“Incfile is the one stop shop for entrepreneurs,” says Ray. “We started in 2004 with just the formation of LLCs, but now we’ve grown. “

Start-up services

He talks about the other options they offer.

“It’s our full suite of start-up services that really sets us apart. We have our contractors covered. Incfile helps business owners get started and be successful. “

So what kind of small businesses should be interested?

Liability assistance

First, any business looking to limit their personal liability should consider getting involved.

“Solopreneurs and small teams who wear a lot of hats in the business and are looking to focus more on sales, marketing and hiring are another category,” Ray said.

Finally, businesses looking for services to help them grow should turn to Incfile.



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