CAA can be part of the political science program at Lucknow University



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CAA can be part of the political science program at Lucknow University

Amid ongoing protests against the amended citizenship law, the political science department at Lucknow University has offered to include the issue as a topic in its curriculum, building on the BSP. “We in our department teach the Constitution and citizenship. This is one of the contemporary issues in Indian politics. We want to teach it to our students,” HOD Shashi Shukla political science department said on Friday.

“Right now it’s at the proposal stage. Then it will go through the whole academic process before it becomes part of the program,” she told PTI.

There is a lot of debate going on about this topic, she said.

“Mostly, our students come to us saying that they are questioned everywhere. It makes us think that this should be included as one of the many topics,” said Shukla.

“It will take some time, however. If it is approved by the academic authorities, it can be included by next year,” she added.

Noting that the department teaches citizenship and the Constitution, Shukla said the issue did not introduce it as a course.

“We have a document on Indian politics in which we teach contemporary issues. This time we will include it as well. It’s just a proposal brought up by faculty members,” she said.

BSP chairman Mayawati, however, said the proposal was “completely flawed and unfair” when the case came to court. In a tweet, she said: “The debate over the CAA is fine, but when the court hearing is underway, the inclusion of this highly controversial and divisive citizenship law by the University of Lucknow in his program is completely wrong and unfair. The BSP strongly opposes it. this and will certainly reduce it as far as power in UP is concerned. ”

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