Bung calls for long-term political stability in Sabah


KOTA KINABALU: Changing state governments is not the solution as it will only leave Sabah unstable and remain underdeveloped, says Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin.

The Deputy Chief Minister said the number of changes of government in Sabah over the past five decades has left the state without the most basic infrastructure – water, electricity and roads – and failed to attract investors to develop the state.

“We have had 16 state elections compared to 12 elections in Sarawak (since 1963) and 14 national elections (since 1957).

“Sabah has been busy changing governments and nothing has been done to meet the basic infrastructure needs of the people,” he said on Wednesday March 23 during his closing remarks on the debates of the speech. policy of Yang DiPertua Negeri Sabah.

“Today, if investors come, they ask if we have water and electricity and our answer is no, they will not come. Sabah does not get anything for its people,” Bung said during the his closing speech amid growing speculation about realignments within Gabungan. Rakyat Sabah (GRS) led by Chief Minister Hajiji Noor.

Bung, who is the leader of Sabah Umno, said that although Barisan Nasional could not join another coalition, it was in full support of the GRS coalition government that he received the people’s mandate in the snap elections of September 2020.

“GRS is a good platform. Although we (Barisan-Umno) are not in GRS, we fully support GRS,” he said.

“Although Sulaman (State Headquarters of President Sabah of the Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Party) and Lamag (Bung State Headquarters) sleep on different pillows, we both have the same dream for Sabah,” a- he told the assembly in Sabah.

Bung said stability was essential for Sabah to resolve its long-standing problems and that political parties should not focus too much on changing government or changing leaders as in the past.

Bung, who is the state’s public works minister, said that to holistically solve Sabah’s water problems would require between RM5bil and RM7bil.

“We have no money. The Cabinet has agreed that we use consultants to advise us on plans to solve our water supply problems,” he said, adding that Sabah may need to consider to privatize the water supply to meet the needs of the population. .

He said similarly that the roads in Sabah have long been neglected and there was a need for funds to repair and rehabilitate the roads.

“We must remain focused on meeting the needs of the people,” he said in the speech which addressed various infrastructure issues raised by MPs about the districts.

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