British High Commissioner commends Buni on political stability and developments in Yobe

Mai Mala Buni, Governor of Yobe State

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing congratulated Yobe State Governor and Chairman of the APC Interim Convention Extraordinary Planning Committee (CECPC), Hon. Mai Mala Buni, for her contribution to the political development and stability of Nigeria.

She praised the governor on Wednesday, saying the British government is interested in successful and peaceful elections in Nigeria.

Governor Buni, said the APC interim committee is on a rescue mission to save the party and is working hard to reposition the party for a successful exit in the next and subsequent general elections.

“The party conducted a very successful membership registration and revalidation exercise, we now have over 41 million registered members across the country with full details of each member.

“The APC remains the largest political party in Africa and the ruling party in Nigeria with a population that would always win elections.

“Unfortunately, the country faces serious security challenges as national security forces have been ill-equipped by successive administrations, while poverty and illiteracy have created a population ready to be recruited into criminal activities.”

Governor Buni said the Buhari administration was now equipping the country’s security, buying fighter jets and other weapons to tackle security issues.

He revealed that the achievements recorded in agriculture, energy sector, rail transport, road reconstruction and elimination of oil shortage, among others, are excellent legacies of the Buhari administration. .

Meanwhile, the High Commissioner expressed his satisfaction with the development progress recorded in Yobe State.

“The development in Yobe state is very impressive and the UK government is ready to partner with the state and Unicef ​​in the field of education,” she said.

According to the High Commissioner, the UK Government will spend £16 million this year to support education in the North East, targeting 270,000 pupils and students, teacher training and facilities.

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