Bihar: The student scores 151 out of 100 in the exam. Here is what the Minister of State said


An undergraduate student from Lalit Narayan Mithila University in Begusarai district of Bihar has been rated 151 out of 100 in a political science paper. Authorities immediately rectified the mistake, but not before the news went viral.

“I was really surprised to see the results. Even though it was a provisional score sheet, the authorities should have checked it before releasing the result,” the student told PTI.

“One of the MRJD College students, Begusarai, was mistakenly given 151 out of 100 marks on an exam. Immediate rectification was made,” said Mushtaq Ahmed, the college professor. intentionally,” he added.

Bihar Education Minister Vijay Choudhary clarified that it must have been a mistake and there was no need to create a problem.

“It must have been a mistake, there is no need to create a problem. There would be a power problem in the system or a typing error. We will find the person responsible for this,” Choudhary told l news agency ANI.

In a similar case, a student received a zero in accounting and finance paper-4 from his BCom part-2 test and was promoted to the next class. However, the university acknowledged its error and issued a revised grade sheet to the student. “The university admitted it was a typo and gave me a revised grade sheet,” he said.

University registrar Mushtaq Ahmed told PTI that both grade sheets contained typos. “After correcting the typographical errors, both students received new mark sheets. They were just typographical errors, nothing more,” he said.

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