Anti-partisan laws to ensure political stability and prevent endless crisis: Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri



Mr. Anwar Ibrahim, the Leader of the Opposition who was the first MP to debate the bill, expressed his support for the bill.

He noted that if the bill is not presented to parliament, the opposition would assume that the memorandum of understanding between the government and the PH is no longer valid.

Mr Anwar said that although the bill presented on Wednesday did not fully meet the demands of PH MPs at previous meetings, the draft amendment was still a significant and historic start.

“As we know, the issue of defections is not new, PAS (Party Islam Se-Malaysia) MPs will remember well that in 1961 defections led to the downfall of the PAS government in Terengganu.

“But that didn’t serve as a lesson, because the same party also complicit later and allowed the current situation to happen,” he said.

Mr Anwar said that with the amendment, the opposition wanted to push the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate cases where party skipping was linked to corruption and promises of positions and money.

The opposition leader also said such defections had eroded trust in politicians and the political system, especially among young people.

“They will assume that no matter who you vote for, they can be bought.

“We must work to regain trust in the political system,” Anwar added.

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