AMERICA/PERU – The Bishops call for a common effort to achieve political stability


AMERICA/PERU – The Bishops call for a common effort to achieve political stability

Lima (Agenzia Fides) – Faced with the political crisis that Peru has been going through for some time, in addition to the third wave of the Covid 19 pandemic, the ethical, moral and ecological crisis, the Bishops of the country urge “all to work together to the transformation of Peruvian society, directing our efforts and our will for the resumption of politics, the economy and the work activity of all social actors”.
On June 6, 2021, Pedro Castillo, leader of the far left, won the ballot for the presidency of the Republic by just a few votes against his opponent Keiko Fujimori, a conservative candidate on the right and daughter of the former president and dictator of the Peru. This apparent division in the country has led to instability and ingovernance, with accusations of incompetence President Castillo, who has changed his cabinet members four times since taking office, being accused of incompetence . The bishops repeatedly stressed the need to overcome the crisis facing the country in various areas and called on people to unite for the common good (see Fides 6/28/2021; 7/28/2021; 04/08/2021; 8/11/2021; 22/1/2022).
In their joint statement published on February 7, 2022, the Peruvian bishops now call on the authorities at the highest level to “take seriously their obligations and responsibilities in the search for political and democratic stability and the common good and not for their own interests. or ideological. “. It is necessary “to correct errors and avoid greater uncertainty among citizens”, because “the Peruvian people need their authorities, in the person of politicians who are unassailable and sufficiently prepared to carry out their tasks”. The bishops affirm “We urgently need good politics and the participation of citizens in the ethical control of their authorities…citizens demand respect for institutionality and political legitimacy in governance”. an urgent appeal to governmental authorities to show clear signs of governability”. Finally, citing Pope Francis’ encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” and the Church’s social teaching on the nature and purpose of politics, the bishops stress that “it is essential to strengthen the democratic order and to respect the constitutional order of Peru” and invite all citizens to “pray for Peru” (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 2/8/2022)

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