Amarillo, political scientist and sleep specialist, speaks out on the sun protection law



AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – This week the Senate passed legislation for the Sun Protection Act.

This would ensure Americans don’t have to turn the clock back an hour every winter, which means more evening sun year-round.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio crafted the bill last year, believing it will promote productivity and economic growth, but Dave Rausch, a political science professor at West Texas A&M University, said the bill would not be a priority for House officials.

“House leadership suggested that was not the priority of the agenda,” Rausch said. “Top of the agenda is of course things like inflation, gas prices, Ukraine, various other important things.”

Daylight saving time began during World War I.

It was believed that the time change would conserve power sources while allowing Americans to work more during the day.

Also set up year round in the 70’s, public concern led us to change the clock twice a year.

Northwest Texas sleep disorder experts say the permanent change to daylight saving time can impact our health, increasing the risk of obesity, strokes and, when it’s black, depression.

“That amount of wake-up light exposure won’t be appropriate, so we’ll have less productivity, more prone to accidents or errors,” said Angela Rodriguez, head of the North West Sleep Disorder Center.

Rausch thinks House officials won’t look at this bill until the fall.

If it passes through the house, it will go to President Biden for approval.

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