A local political science expert breaks down what he expects to hear during the State of the Union


NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) — Ahead of Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, many people in Connecticut are asking how national issues will unfold closer to home.

Channel 3 asked a local political science expert about what might be heard during the speech and how it would play out in the state.

Historically, the State of the Union address is a summary of the issues the nation has faced and proposed resolutions. This year, a global issue and its impact on America should take center stage.

“What is happening in the country? How do its programs and proposals work? Victor Rodriguez, chair of legal studies and political science at the University of New Haven, said what he expected to hear. “[President Joe Biden] must take this opportunity to speak to the country; however, inevitably and very importantly, there is war in Europe.

Another important element will be Biden’s response to the ongoing challenges on American soil.

“He needs to keep talking about his agenda as it relates to infrastructure, as it relates to how he’s going to make life better in the United States for most people,” Rodriguez said. “He has to fight inflation. [and] it must address concerns about the economy.

Ultimately, national issues ripple down to the state level, each with a unique perspective on what takes priority. For Connecticut, there is a lot to settle.

“For Connecticut, it’s very important to focus on job creation, stability,” Rodriguez said. “He must continue to deal with the pandemic and its implications.”

Biden due to deliver State of the Union at 9 p.m.

Watch it live on Channel 3.

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